The Story

GdS-Engineering has been founded by Gerd Schmitt in 1994. The development of the company is close connected to the former professional carrier of Gerd and his experience in the research and development for break-systems and the testing of these components. GdS-engineering developed and delivered already more than 100 test-stands in this segment for research work as well as durability tests and quality inspection at production.

1997 GdS-Engineering developed the first kick-plate and extended the focus of the company. Today GdS-Engineering is one of the leading providers of kick-plate for driving centers in Europe. Today's product portfolio starts with the control-system, indication systems for speed and user-friendly operation via IPad's. GdS-equipment is famous for his simplicity and robustness, reliability and long life time.

Since the year 2000 GdS-Specialists take over the flashing of functional units on special equipped work stations. In this segments customer appreciate the short reaction time and huge flexibility of the GdS-team.

April 2016 Klaus Wuppinger acquired GdS-Engineering and changed the name to GdS-Enginnering GmbH & Co.KG.  To increase the flexibility, but still supply the same quality and to increase the market presence the company will be lead for the next 3 years by Gerd Schmitt and Klaus Wuppinger.

The GdS-team is a small , very effective team - open for new, individual challenges - and always eager to increase the customer satisfaction and customer value. Most of the GdS-products are developed according to very specific customer needs and very often together with the end-user.